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Creating Healthy Habits

Healthy habits are not formed overnight. Changing your lifestyle takes planning and dedication to make it a daily routine. To start, choose specific and simple goals and add to them each week, for example:

Month One: Go to the gym three times a week.

Month Two: Go to the gym three times a week and go on a bike ride once a week.

Month Three: Go to the gym three times a week, go on a bike ride once a week and pre-plan a healthy dinner once a week.

By starting with precise and attainable goals, creating healthy habits becomes easier and will in turn, become a new and healthy lifestyle.

Want to make it even easier? Get your friends involved. Come to the gym together for partner workouts or create group challenges. Be sure to create an end date on any challenges so you stay focused on an achievable outcome. Some exercises you can do together include:

  • Plank high fives
  • Medicine ball toss
  • Resistance sprints
  • Small Group Classes

Partner Training (grab a friend or two and hook up with one of our certified Fitness Professionals. Partner training packages are available.)

When on the road to creating healthy habits, don’t be afraid to ask questions, try new classes and step out of your comfort zone. If you really want change, stop and ask yourself if you are accomplishing your goals within your comfort zone of if you need to step outside the box.  Our group of certified Fitness Professionals are always here to help. Click here for information on each of their specialties, or stop in the club anytime. We’re here for you on your journey to health!