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Breaking through plateaus

Are you trying to build strength, but have hit the dreaded plateau? Don’t get discouraged. Everyone gets frustrated at this point. The problem hits when doing the same workouts week in and week out. Want to bust through? Switch it up.

Are you stuck at 1RM week after week? This may seem counterproductive, but lighten your load. You’re thinking, “Seriously? But I’m trying to build muscle!” Trust me, lighten your load for a for a month, focusing strictly on how you program your lifts and hitting certain percentages of your 1RM. You’ll be surprised at how much more you can lift if you back off the weight and focus on form for three and five rep sets.

Another way to break through the plateau is to use accessory movements. These movements increase your strength – helping you get the weight off the ground.

Weight lifting is not just for men. Women who are stuck in the same workout routine and not seeing results should try to lift heavier. The weight will fall off. Lifting heavy in the 5-8 rep range with compound movements (like the squat or deadlift) will fire up a lot more muscles and burn a lot more calories. Get out of your comfort zone and start lifting heavy!

By switching up workouts once in awhile, you will find new strength and will be surprised at how much more weight comes off.

If you are interested in lifting heavier, but unsure how to start, contact an Innovative fitness professional and set up some personal training sessions.


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