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Get up and move around

Are we sitting too much? Many of us spend much of our day, sitting – in our cars, eating meals, in class or at our jobs, watching television  and at many social events. We’ve made sitting as comfortable as possible, with large couches and recliners; with special ergonomic office chairs, etc. While sitting can be very rewarding after a tough day, we still need to make sure we are moving around enough.

Research states that sitting for long periods of time has been linked to a higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and increased amounts of bad cholesterol. Prolonged sitting may also trigger us to eat more, leading to weight gain and belly fat. This comfy habit has also been linked to a higher risk of death from heart disease and cancer. While experts don’t know exactly why these illnesses are linked to a lot of lounging, they hypothesize that sitting causes the muscles to work less and blood to flow more slowly. Research has also found that while exercising for an hour a day is very healthy for us, it may not be enough to undo eight hours of sitting. Does this mean we should give up on our hour of exercise or quit our jobs that require us to sit all day? No.

Researchers also state that the more you move, the better off you are. This can even include simple things such as position changes while sitting or taking a quick second to stretch. Experts suggest getting up at least every 30 minutes, if possible. Here are 10 easy ways to get you up and moving:

  1. Use a standing desk or even a treadmill desk, if possible, at work.
  2.  Replace your chair with a stability ball that will require you to work your core while sitting.
  3. Use a smaller coffee cup or water bottle that will require you to refill them more often.
  4. Go for a quick walk around your building during breaks or lunch.
  5. Stand up while eating or talking on the phone.
  6. Get up and walk around your house during commercials, when watching TV.
  7. Walk or bike to places, instead of driving, when possible.
  8. Park farther away in parking lots, instead of driving around to find the closest spot.
  9. Take the stairs, instead of the elevator or walk when on an escalator.
  10. Engage in enjoyable activities and events that cause you to move around, instead of sitting.

There are plenty of other ways to get moving. Small changes make big differences. For information on working with a Fitness Professional at Innovative Health & Fitness, contact them today at (414) 529-9900, ext. 730.


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