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Mindful Eating

We all know that eating right is more than half the battle to obtaining a healthy lifestyle. However, eating is the one thing most of us struggle with, as we tend to consume too large of portions. We also tend to eat while doing other things instead of just eating. This distracts the mind and does not allow us  to focus on or think about how much we are actually eating. One strategy to help with this is something called “Mindful Eating.”

Mindful eating is all about being conscious about what you eat and how you eat. This approach allows us to focus on our body’s cues about hunger and why and when we eat. Knowing what triggers us to eat can help us control when we eat and how much. Sitting down at the kitchen or dining room table and eating (without using your phone or watching television) can help allow you to get pleasure from just eating, making you feel full faster and not be distracted by other activities. Want an easy tip? Try eating with your less dominant hand. Doing so will force you to think about your meal a bit more, making it last at least 20-30 minutes. Another way to slow down and focus on your food, is to make sure to chew your food completely. Following these tips will force you to slow down your eating and will make you feel full faster, while consuming less.


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