WOODEEN ZEISSE - OCTOBER 2015 - Innovative Health & Fitness
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Members Of the Month



What She Accomplished

– Got stronger
– Increased endurance
– Lost weight

How She did it:

– She continues to attend 4-5 Group Fitness Classes each week


I’ve been a member at Innovative Health & Fitness for approximately eight years. I attended some evening classes after work. I remember my first group class. Since I love to dance, I joined a Zumba class. Cheri W. and Mary Jo B. were my first group instructors. They made me feel so welcomed! After I retired, I had more time to focus on my health. Losing weight was a focus but just being healthy was my goal!

I started attending weekend classes and early morning classes. I thought maybe I should try other classes that Innovative had to offer. During time spent in group classes, I made so many friends! (I call them my gym buddies!) When I come to class it’s to work out, but also to welcome the positive attitudes from the instructors during the workouts. It’s so much fun and I feel like I accomplish my own personal achievements during group classes. I like the variety of fitness experiences offered from workouts that one can do on the floor and the support available from instructors, with many options in working out.
From the receptionists, to group instructors, to my gym buddies, they all make me feel comfortable in the gym. Innovative is a fitness center for all ages and diversity.

My daily goals are set each morning when waking up, going to a group class and feeling great. At my age, I count every day as a blessing and am thankful for my health that I can still bend, run, lift and laugh with all the friends and instructors at Innovative! With the support of my Instructors and friends, I will continue my healthy journey as long as I can. That being said, I want to say THANK YOU to Innovative in accepting this senior as a part of the healthy family at Innovative!