PHYLLIS OLSON - NOVEMBER 2015 - Innovative Health & Fitness
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What She Accomplished

– Lost 147 pounds
– Went from size 30/32 (5XL) to 18/20 (XL)

How She did it:

– Phyllis continues to attend three Aqua Group Fitness Classes each week and has revamped her nutritional plan.


I have been overweight most of my life. I have tried almost every diet out there. I needed hip surgery and my doctor said I was high risk and needed to lose weight before he would do the surgery. It was hard for me to get around. I was short of breath and could not do a lot of things before I needed to sit down.

I had joined Innovative Health & Fitness a while ago and hadn’t used my membership. I came in and was thinking of cancelling and a friend from work was there. She invited me to join water aerobics with her. Well, the first time, I did not go. She saw me at work and said, “I missed you Saturday.” I said “OK, next week.”

I got up to make the 8:15 a.m. Saturday class (I hate getting up early, but I went). I lived through it and checked out the class schedule. I started coming two to three times per week on Saturday mornings and evenings. Sean was my first instructor, then Rosie – she has a great class and I try not to miss. Pat also teaches a Sunday morning and is a great workout, as well, as it concentrates on full body movement.

I found all instructors have their way of toning up and that’s what I like. I have been following a great nutritional plan, as well and the combination has changed my life. I enjoy coming for water aerobics and actually miss it when I can’t go. Thank you to the water aerobics team of instructors who make exercising fun and painless.