KIM BRULZ - FEBRUARY 2016 - Innovative Health & Fitness
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What She Accomplished

– Lost 81 pounds

How She did it:

– Trained three times a week with Jeff.
– Worked out three times a week on her own using a variety of areas of the gym including the ropes, rowing machine, elliptical, treadmill and she ran on the track.


The first 5 ½ months of 2015 were very unhealthy for me. After several unexplained illnesses, doctor visits, a surgery, an unplanned hospital stay and problems with migraines and severe allergic reactions, I decided something had to be done. Each doctor I saw had one common solution: lose a little weight, it would make a difference. So, after a much needed vacation with my daughter, I returned to Innovative with the intent of getting healthy and losing a little weight.

By the end of June, I was consistently training with Jeff 3x/wk. The “consistent” part was important. No more making excuses as to why I couldn’t show up for that day’s training session. I needed to stay on track and make my training and workouts not only a priority for that day but also a part of my new lifestyle. The consistency has paid off, more than I could have ever imagined!

In these past seven months I have learned a great deal from my trainer, Jeff. He has not only taught me how to do exercises correctly, but also WHY it is important to do them. I never thought I would be lifting weights or pushing/pulling the prowler around in my 40’s. Not only am I doing this, but I am enjoying it as well! Well, maybe not so much the prowler, but I don’t complain as much as I used to! He helped me to become more focused on not just losing the weight, but on becoming fit and healthy as well.

The members at Innovative have also been supportive. During my workouts over the last several months, I have had members (many I did not know) come up to me and compliment me on my weight loss or on how different I look. These “run-ins” have been very encouraging, so Thank you.

I have been very fortunate to lose 81 lbs. during these last seven months and continue to get stronger. It has been a lot of hard work but it has been worth it. I am happy to say I am still learning how to train, workout and eat healthy as it is a process and a part of my new healthy lifestyle.