JEAN MILLER - March 2016 - Innovative Health & Fitness
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JEAN MILLER – March 2016


What She Accomplished

– Lost 15 pounds
– Lost six percent body fat
– Lost six inches

How She did it:

– Trained with Andrea.
– Worked on ‘functional’ exercises at the club.


I joined Innovative Health & Fitness in the summer of 2012 after moving to Franklin. I’ve been an active jogger, year-round, for approximately 20 years. I thought I was in good shape and was doing enough to maintain my health. But, I was still carrying too much weight and with age noticed a “normal” stiffening of my joints. In addition, my blood sugar level was trending higher which was troubling. So I decided to utilize the fitness training services at Innovative.

Sticking with the routine developed by my fitness professional, I immediately started to see progress in my overall body strength and agility. My routine is modified regularly so I can focus on different areas, strength, posture, agility and muscle mass. I’ve learned that by doing ‘functional’ exercises, aging no longer prevents me from bending, sitting on the floor, tying my shoes, touching my toes or carrying a 40 lb. box of kitty litter downstairs.

The last piece of the puzzle required me to change my eating habits. Andrea showed me some of the online tools for balanced eating. She monitored my progress and encouraged me to stick with it. I did stick with it and today I’m “younger:” thinner, healthier and more active in all aspects of my daily life. Thank you Innovative Health & Fitness and Andrea Z!