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Healthy Eating in the Summer

Now that warm weather is finally here, we all are looking forward to more activities outdoors, weekend getaways, evenings out to eat and other events. Routines change with kids being out of school and being involved in summer school, sports and other activities which takes us out of our normal everyday routines. As a result of being busy and rushing around to get from here to there we often times forget to feed ourselves. Most often, we make the mistake of missing out on the most important meal of the day – breakfast. Breakfast gives us the energy we need to get moving effectively. Without it we are running on empty and more likely to overeat later in the day.

With that being said, the chance for adults to consume an ideal breakfast doesn’t always happen. In that case, it is vital to eat a lunch that will be nourishing. Just like kids who get cranky when they are hungry, the same thing happens to adults. Adults who skip meals however, don’t usually feel bad since they believe it’s a good way to reduce calories. When meals are skipped, a body goes into starvation mode, causing the body to hang onto every calorie consumed. Bodies need to be fed for it to work properly. Food is energy. Eating a good meal during the day is a great way to keep the metabolism moving and burning calories.

So if you are finding it difficult to find time to eat, here are some simple and easy suggestions to try:

Find foods you enjoy:
Make a list of all the foods you and your family enjoy. Proteins, Vegetables, Fruits and healthy Carbs so when it comes time to figure out a meal or go to the grocery store you’ll save time and have something for everyone.

Plan meals:
Planning meals and keeping a routine that is simple to follow is a great way to help make sure that meals aren’t skipped. Write out meals for each day of the week to help you figure out when you’ll be able to eat and where you’ll be eating each day. Meal planning can help eliminate the quick fix of grabbing fast food or other unhealthy choices.

Daily healthy snacks:
Planning meals is one thing, but making sure there are healthy options is also important. In the summer, we tend to be more active, which means we use more energy. Our body needs fuel, so having healthy snacks throughout the day is key to keeping us moving. Snacking is a good thing when done correctly. It can help us feel fuller before a meal which in turn will help us to not overeat.

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