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Get out of your comfort zone and get results

Your happy place may be a solo sunrise run around the track or pedaling through a Wednesday night spin class, but there’s more fun to be had beyond sticking to the same fitness routine. Staying in your comfort zone – while that may sound inviting – is actually staying in a neutral, unchallenging behavioral state. It’s not exactly ideal for getting to the next level. Stepping out of your comfort zone means taking full advantage of the great, big world just waiting to be your own personal gym. Now’s the perfect time to push your limits and conquer something you never thought possible. Six ways to get out of your fitness comfort zone include:

1. Find a training group with similar goals.
Staying solo is great for clearing your head, but in order to really amp up your workouts, be sure to surround yourself with people who aren’t confined to just one activity. Sign up for a group rock climbing class, Small Group Training classes, try spinning, swimming or train to do a mud run together. Hanging out with new people who are active in different disciplines can help you develop into a more daring athlete.

2. Take “me” time.
Don’t let your work and home schedule dictate when you can fit in fitness. Maybe you can’t quit your job to ski the slopes or ride the waves, but you can make yourself a priority – even if it’s just occasionally. Try to change your work hours one day a week or dedicate vacation time toward a yoga retreat or a “Fit-cation,” – trips that focus on physical activity.

3. Make snap decisions.
You know what your body needs and if it’s getting bored with the same terrain or lifting the same weights trust yourself to do something different on the fly. After all, if you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

4. Inspire someone.
When you’re settling back toward just doing what comes easiest, think of others – family, friends, or coworkers who you could inspire you by helping you accomplish a new goal you thought was out of reach.

5. Change it up.
If you’ve been doing functional fitness four days a week and still can’t manage that one pull-up, rethink your programming. Build up those muscles by doing a spin class or by trail running to get out in nature.

6. Get motivated.
Switch up your pre-workout preparation to push yourself to do more. You’ll be amazed at what a small change in playlist music, getting new gear or even reading inspiring quotes can do to spur your motivation.

If you’re looking to train for an obstacle course race like the Warrior Dash, a mud run or even an Ironman, we’ve got Fitness Professionals who are well versed in all of them. We can push you harder than you will push yourself and if you’re willing to put in the time, we’ll get you to your goals. Contact us at the club!


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