MARY MIELKE - November 2016 - Innovative Health & Fitness
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MARY MIELKE – November 2016

member of the month novemberNOVEMBER – MARY MIELKE

What She Accomplished

– Lost 40 pounds

How She did it:

– Attends aqua classes four times a week and trains weekly with Lindsay.


I joined Innovative Health & Fitness in December 2015. I began with the intention of attending water classes. The club offered me the opportunity to work with a Trainer and I met Lindsay Dolan. Lindsay is fantastic. We initially discussed my goals and was told there were many things at Innovative Health & Fitness to help me achieve those goals. Lindsay Dolan and Innovative Health & Fitness deliver. Lindsay challenges me with my workouts but at the same time knows I can complete the activity. This success builds my confidence and confirms I am in the right place to feel better, move easier and enjoy life. I have met many nice people participating in the water classes making it fun and beneficial. Innovative Health & Fitness is a friendly and welcoming place as soon as I walk in the door. The facilities are clean and bright and the equipment is great; the pools are beautiful and the class offerings are extensive.