LAETICIA OLIVER - December 2016 - Innovative Health & Fitness
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LAETICIA OLIVER – December 2016


What She Accomplished

– Lost 20 pounds
– Completed three triathlons
– Completed one Iron Girl

How She did it:

– Trained with Josh L. four times a week.


I joined Innovative Health & Fitness about a year ago (2015) and immediately started training with Fitness Professional Josh Lewis. In the beginning, I did not set any goals for myself. Only after Josh sat down with me and asked what my goals were, did I tell him I wanted to train to finish one triathlon in memory of my husband, who was an Iron Man.

We trained four days a week – swimming, running, cycling and strength training. I started off swimming 10 lengths in the pool and quickly built up to a 1.2 mile swim. I also worked up to a four mile run and 20 mile bike ride. After about four months, I really saw the change in my body and felt the strength starting to build. This gave me motivation to work even harder. The days that were more difficult, Josh was right beside me – making me believe I can achieve my goals – constantly pushing and motivating me.

I completed three triathlons, including an Iron Girl. Although weight loss was never a goal, I ended up losing four percent body fat and more than 20 pounds.

I am the one doing the exercises and working hard, but I know I never would have been able to do this without Josh’s help. He is an excellent trainer who has immense knowledge about exercise; what to do if an injury occurs; and what foods are good for my body.

My goals for 2017 have been set and we are already working on achieving them.