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You Have To Shake Things Up

Gettin’ My Gator On

TRX strap system, body weight, resistanceI’ve been a member at Innovative Health & Fitness since the spring of 2011 (and now I’m an employee). In the beginning, I was at a loss. I didn’t know what to do to keep motivated. In fact, throughout those first few years, I had checked into the club less than 300 times. I had a boring routine that just didn’t keep me motivated or excited to stick with it on a consistent basis.

When Innovative Health & Fitness launched their complimentary Jump Start program (after I had been hired as a Membership Representative), I decided to see what that really entailed. Every one of our membership options includes this program – which is four free sessions with a Personal Trainer. My reason for doing so was twofold. 1) I could re-motivate myself and 2) I could become a more authentic employee by encouraging new members to take part in a program I really believed in. Let me say, I’m glad I did it!

Fitness Professional Ryan was assigned to take me through the Jump Start Program and one of the first exercises he had me tackle was done on the TRX strap system. This system is essentially a pair of straps that allow your hands 360 degrees of motion so a person has an unlimited option of exercises that not only effect the muscles specifically targeted, but the core, as well – all while just using body weight as resistance.

The exercise Ryan introduced me to, is called a “Gator.” They are pretty simple, but you’ll definitely feel the burn. With your hands grasping the strap handles, simply lean backwards until the straps are pulled taught. Move arms up and down – like an alligator’s mouth – which in turn will pull your body up and down (forwards/backwards).

Having never tried the TRX system before, I found I liked it. That and other TRX exercises were so much fun for me that they became part of my daily routine. With the unlimited options the TRX System gives me it constantly challenges me and supplements my boring old routine – making each workout fresh.

Variety is the spice of life – especially in the workout world. Don’t get stuck doing the same routine. Mix it up – your body and mind will thank you. If you have any questions about any of the machines or equipment around the health club, feel free to ask. We’re all here to help you stay fit and healthy.


Jeff M

Membership Representative