August 2018 Member of the Month - Innovative Health & Fitness
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August 2018 Member of the Month

Jehona Prichard

What she’s accomplishing

  • Staying active and healthy during her pregnancy.

How she’s doing it:

  • Training 2x a week with Liz as well as cardio regularly.


Jehona had a difficult first pregnancy gaining 70lbs. She vowed to be healthier with her next pregnancy. She had signs of diabetes and some pre-eclampsia so she decided to start working with Liz as her trainer.

Liz has helped Jehona tremendously to stay healthy during her second pregnancy. During their training sessions, Liz incorporates full body exercises and focus specifically on back strength which is important for pregnant moms as their bellies are growing. Liz has Jehona use lighter weights and perform higher reps during their sessions to help keep her muscles toned and her body healthy. Liz is very careful not to push Jehona too hard, so they take adequate rests during their sessions so Jehona feels comfortable, yet challenged in her workouts. She has only gained 22lbs during the first 35 weeks. Jehona feels great and has so much more energy.