November 2018 Member of the Month - Innovative Health & Fitness
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November 2018 Member of the Month

Bob Fish

What he’s accomplishing

Staying fit and healthy with variety as a key component in his workout routine.

How he’s doing it:

Training with Josh as well as Tai Chi, yoga, Zumba, and yoga-Tai Chi combo.


I have been an advocate of physical fitness for most of my adult life. After being a member of numerous fitness clubs in the past, I joined Innovative at the time of its opening. In 2009, I had surgery for prostate cancer. Although the surgery went well, I developed serious pain issues with my pelvic floor. I went to multiple doctors and therapists, trying different techniques and medications in attempts to resolve my issues. I continued to lose muscle strength, endurance, and hope.

 In early 2018, I began seeing Josh Zubach to improve my current well-being. The beginning was difficult as I was sent home due to illness, forcing my sessions to be cut short. In time, I was making all of my appointments and gradually gaining back my strength and endurance. As a result, my pain had reduced drastically. Continuing my momentum, I joined Mary Jo Bellinger’s classes, which also contributed to my recovery.

 After a long and difficult journey, I am now without pain and have stopped taking medication. My physical condition is even better than it was before my prostate cancer surgery. To me, it is an amazing story for myself and my family. The training and support from Josh, Mary Jo, and my Silver Sneakers classmates have helped return my life to normal. Thank you to all!