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Free Weights VS Machines

Free Weights VS Machines – MINUTE FIT TIP

By Liz Moore, Personal Trainer

When working out, you have different tools to choose from to strengthen your body. When it comes to strength training, there are basically two options: Free Weights (Dumbbells, Barbells) and Machines (Machines with weights attached to a pulley system). Here are some facts about each type:


When using free weights, you Can move in all three planes of motion, improve balance and core stabilization, and engage many muscles at one time which usually leads to more calories burned. Free weights are great for more advanced lifters or anyone who has proper form and technique.


Machines are great for beginners but also can be used for more advanced lifters.  Machines usually move in one or maybe two planes of motion which leaves less room for injury. Machines are great for muscle isolation and usually offer chairs or other guides for more support during the lift.

What do you usually use when you workout? Machines or free weights?

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