July 2019 Member of the Month - Innovative Health & Fitness
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July 2019 Member of the Month

Josh Price

What’s his routine?

Josh trains once a week with Dalfim, lifts weights five times a week, and does various types of cardio four or five times a week.

What has he achieved?

Josh has dropped 156 pounds and has lost 33.4% of his body fat percentage.


“When I first joined Innovative, I used the Jump Start program to connect with a trainer and motivate myself to start losing weight. I lost 40 pounds over the first six months, but like previous times in my life, I fell back into old patterns and ended up putting 30 pounds back on over time. In January 2018, I turned 40 and I decided that if I was going to change my ways, it was now or never. At the suggestion of my trainer, I started the Keto diet and committed myself to coming in to work out nearly everyday. I set incremental goals for myself to keep pushing my progress; over the last year I have completed 5K, 10K, and 10 mile runs, participated in the US Bank Fight for Air stair climb, and am currently preparing for an obstacle course race in August, after hearing how much fun they can be from Dalfim. I’d like to thank all the different staff and members of Innovative that have taken the time to talk to me about what I’ve accomplished so far—I appreciate all the comments and questions. Finally, a big thanks to Dalfim for pushing me every week. I am greatly enjoying my new lifestyle! I can do so much more in my daily life, and I look forward to continuing it going forward.”