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Outdoor Summer Workouts

Outdoor Summer Workouts – MINUTE FIT TIP

By Alicia Kjellsen, Personal Trainer

Hello Summer!

Enjoying the nice weather during the summer is possible while getting a good workout in. There are many ways to stay active during the summer even with a busier schedule. Many use their busy summer schedule as their excuse for not working out, but why not workout while being outdoors?

For many, summer is a time where people like to get outside and appreciate the weather by going boating, camping, swimming, or to the lake; many even enjoy working out outside. As a personal trainer, I love seeing excited members heading outdoors for their workout.

The first step is knowing what to do and what the options are, as there are many. For example, cardio outside could be something as simple as going for a walk or a job, running sprints, or a bike ride with the family. If you enjoy being out in the water, you could go swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding–the options are endless!

When friends ask to hang out, instead of skipping your workout, why not recommend golfing, playing a game of tennis, softball, or really anything active! If you are looking to get your strength day in, you could always do bodyweight calisthenics outdoors, for example: push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, dips, glute bridges, calf raises, crunches, etc.

Another fun way is to head to the park; working out at a jungle gym gives your workout some variety. For example, you could do pull-ups with the monkey bars, rows with the swings (just like you would with TRX bands), or running stairs. Use the park as your obstacle course! Get creative and have fun with your workouts so you don’t get bored.

One thing we do need to be thinking about while exercising outside is our HYDRATION. It is always very important to stay hydrated, but even more so while outdoors. With the higher temperatures, our bodies will be sweating more. Hydrating with both water and electrolytes will help keep our energy levels up.

Just because it is beautiful outside doesn’t mean we can’t get a good workout in; we don’t always have to be inside at the gym. Many personal trainers, including myself, like to take our clients outside during their personal training sessions. Innovative has a large area out in the back to do some fun and exciting workouts. We have the option of using tires, a climbing wall, therabands, free weights, TRX, kettlebells, and more for our outdoor workouts.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and enjoy a new exciting workout!

Need help figuring out how to make your outdoor summer workout an effective and fun one? Alicia is leading a FREE Outdoor Workout Workshop on Monday, July 22 at 8:30am. Sign up at the Membership Table to reserve your spot!

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