August 2019 Member of the Month - Innovative Health & Fitness
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Members Of the Month

August 2019 Member of the Month

Glenn Kulas

What’s his routine?

Glenn attends Zumba with Mary Jo three times a week plus Strength Training once a week with Melissa.

What brought him to Innovative?

After his old gym closed its doors, Glenn needed a new workout facility. He’s glad he found Innovative!

What Glenn says:

“Simply put: It’s all good!”

What Innovative says:

“Glenn has become a regular participant in my Zumba classes. He has brightened up the classes by purchasing patriotic light-up glasses and glow sticks, which the class has used multiple times, especially around Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Keeping the class fun, he often sings various phrases to the songs being played. He always wears a costume, special shirt, glasses, hat, and more making each class an exciting one. In addition, Glenn is incredibly friendly to both classmates and staff members alike. Innovative is blessed to have such a caring member. Congrats, Glenn!”

-Mary Jo Bellinger