November 2019 Member of the Month - Innovative Health & Fitness
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November 2019 Member of the Month


Shirley Weir

What brings her to Innovative?

The day after Shirley retired, she visited Innovative and immediately joined the club for the 3 beautiful pools, wonderful Water Aerobic classes, and the most helpful front desk staff and friendly members.

What’s her routine?

Shirley usually works out 6 days a week and tries to catch every Yoga, BodyFlow and Rock Bottom Hard Core class she can in combination with her pool & cardio workouts.

What Shirley says:

“When 2 of my dearest friends joined Innovative, they got me out of the pool and into a whole new world of opportunity: Land Classes. Since then, I have taken Zumba, Strength Training, Spin, Sprint, Step, BodyPump, Yoga BodyFlow & Rock Bottom Hard Core. The instructors are just amazing, making each class fun and memorable.

One of the greatest surprises of my life is the difference Yoga, BodyFlow & Rock Bottom Hard Core have made in my life. The instructors in Yoga (Zana, Mary Jo, Greg, Lisa & Renee), BodyFlow (Kim & Donna) & Rock Bottom Hard Core (Melissa) and truly exceptional & inspirational, always encouraging us every step of the way!

Many thanks to the entire staff and members at Innovative for making our club such a warm and welcoming place to work out and socialize!”