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Morning Routines

By Jeremy Brown, Personal Trainer

What’s your morning routine these days?
🗒Routines are great, and as a type 3 Enneagram, they are a much needed element to my day to feel accomplished, organized, and to help prioritize things.
🗓Now more than ever having a routine will get us through these days.  Having that will help provide structure to the day and help it breeze by as well. It may also help you remember what day of the week it is too haha! I’ve spoken with clients and friends and that was one of the main things I’ve heard that has been challenging during this quarantine. It may not be your previous routine, but just because we’re at home non-stop now doesn’t mean we can’t adapt and create a new routine.
🤨Feeling accomplished and that we have a purpose can have huge impact on our self worth and overall every day mood. Maybe you’re already finding that rhythm and that’s great. Write it down if you need to to stay organized. And always know that you can deviate from this every now and again, but come right back when that “fun” day is done.
🧐Here’s a look at a what a typical day looks like for us: Granted having a baby or child will help fill up your day-to-day no problem.
▪️Wake up 6:30-7:15
▫️Start the Kuerig Cafe (me or Hannah)
▪️Feed our cat Lilly (cuz she’s been bugging me since 4am to do so)
▫️Go get baby Ophelia
▪️8oz Hot water to relax gut and enhance digestion along
Vanilla Almond Honey Latte for my wife
▫️We Watch NBC Today
▪️Ophelia nurses while we watch and have coffee
12oz of Black Coffee and glass of water
▫️We play with the baby
▪️Maybe second cup of coffee
▫️8:30-9:15 Ophelia’s down for first nap
▪️10-20 mins of Mindful Meditation before anything
▫️Make the bed
▪️10am’ish Monday thru Saturday Workout (Sunday Rest)

Fitness Professional, Jeremy Brown

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