October 2020 Member of the Month - Innovative Health & Fitness
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October 2020 Member of the Month

Sam Cloyd

What brings him to Innovative?

Sam is a 16 year old football player who came to Innovative looking to improve his speed, agility, and overall athleticism.

What’s his routine?

Sam started training with Matt Rucinski in June of this year and has made some outstanding progress since then. Prior to football season starting, Sam was training 3 times a week focusing heavily on lower body strength, max velocity sprinting, quickness, change of direction, and relative upper body strength. Since Sam is currently in-season, his training-focus has shifted to recovery and maintenance. Sam is one of the hardest, most dedicated individuals Matt has worked with and we wanted to recognize his achievements. Congrats Sam, keep up the hard work!

Max Squat Last Season: 95 lbs
Max Squat This Season: 185 lbs

40-yard Dash Last Season: 5.3 s
40-Yard Dash This Season: 5.0 s

Max Pull-Ups Last Season: 0 reps
Max Pull-Ups This Season: 8 reps

What Sam says:

“I came to Matt knowing I wanted to improve my football abilities but not really knowing where to start. Matt came up with a plan that held me accountable but kept it fun at the same time. I have physically improved in every single athletic goal, but I got even more out of Matt’s coaching. I feel more confident and happy too.”